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Expand each option below for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

I have an urgent injury can I see the doctor today?

We make every effort to see urgent problems as soon as possible. Please call our office 843 342-9100 and explain your situtation, we may be able to help you avoid an expensive trip to the hospital. Dr. Tobin will often see patients after hours in his office when appropriate or meet patients in the hospital emergency room when necessary. If you are in the emergency room and it appears you need an orthopaedist, don’t hesitate to ask the emergency room staff to call Dr. Tobin.

What do I bring with me my first appointment?

  • If you already had x rays or an MRI at the hospital or another doctor’s office, be sure to bring the x ray and/or MRI, flash drive, disk or films. Also, if a radiologist has read the MRI or x-ray please bring the written report.
  • Bring your medical records if you have recently seen another doctor about this same problem.
  • Bring a list of your current medications and dosages, including the drug names and the dates and times you take the medicines.
  • Bring your insurance card and a picture ID, and a method to make payment for anything not not covered by insurance. We do not accept non-local checks, we do accept visa, mastercard, american express and cash.
  • If you are having a problem with your knee, for your convenience we recommend you wear clothing (shorts) that allows your knee to be examined without having to ask you to change into a medical gown. If you are having problems with your elbow you can wear short sleeves. While we have medical gowns available, most patients find it more convenient to wear clothes that allow for an examination without having to change into a medical gown.
  • If your insurance is an HMO you need to bring the written referral from your primary care doctor allowing you to see an orthopaedic specialist. Or you can fax or e mail that form to us in advance.Our fax number is 843 342-9101

Can Dr. Tobin give me a second opinion?

Yes, although some doctors are hesitant to give a second opinion, Dr. Tobin is happy to give you his honest opinion about treatment options. Surgery is not always the best choice for a particular patient’s needs. There are often other treatments to explore first, such as oral medications, injections, exercise, or physical therapy. It is our goal to help you solve your orthopaedic problem and give you the proper guidance you need to explore your options.

I saw a T.V. advertisement for a new hip replacement implant, can Dr. Tobin use that advertised implant?

Dr. Tobin believes in providing his patients with the same care he would recommend for his own family. He believes in evidence based medicine and treatments with proven best rates of recovery over the long term. All implants are customized meaning they are fitted for that patient’s size, age, and mobility goals. The most recent fad or marketing from drug companies or medical device makers is not always the best treatment. There are approximately 150 different implant designs on the market right now. Just because the design is new does not necessarily mean it is better or right for you. Together, we can explore all the options appropriate for your particular orthopaedic issue.

What do I bring with me the day of surgery?

Our staff and the hospital staff will give you specific instructions prior to your surgery day. Primarily you need to remember to bring a list of the medicines you take including the name of the drug, the dosage and days and times you take the drug.

Can I choose the hospital where I have my surgery?

Yes in most instances you can. Dr. Tobin has been granted surgical privileges to operate at: St Joseph & Candler, Hospitals (Savannah) as well as at Hilton Head Hospital and the Outpatient Surgery Center of Hilton Head. There are sometimes restrictions regarding your insurance or particular procedures are better preformed at one hospital over another, but we strive to accomodate the patient’s choice.

Where will I go for an X Ray?

We provide full X ray services in our office. Our X ray techician will have the X ray results for Dr. Tobin to review within minutes. This allows you and Dr. Tobin to look at the X ray together so he can answer any questions you might have.

Where will I go for an MRI?

If Dr. Tobin has recommended an MRI for you, our staff will coordinate scheduling an MRI with an outside MRI facility and we will contact your insurance company regarding your benefits and approval for the MRI. An MRI is a very important diagnostic tool. Dr. Tobin will recommend an MRI facility he knows will provide the highest quality MRI images. Any MRI is not good enough. You want the best MRI available so the information in the MRI is accurate and Dr. Tobin can confidently rely upon that information when making a treatment plan recommendation.

How can I learn more about hip and knee replacement surgery?

To learn more about hip and knee replacemnt surgery, we invite you to download a guide written by Dr. Tobin. Click here to download.

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